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Hometown Services ND is created by locals for locals. Our FREE platform connects North Dakota consumers with their favorite local neighborhood resources so they can find help in the comfort of their homes for their specific product and service  needs.  Search for plumbers, accountants, auto repair, painters, restaurants that deliver to your area, lawn care providers, electricians, pest control, dentists, carpet cleaners,  home cleaning services or any small business resource you are interested in getting more help. And when you find what you are looking for, connect with them through our website to request assistance or schedule a quote. It’s FREE! Businesses will be happy to discuss the newer restrictions and new protections that they have in place to service consumers today in a safe way. If you don’t see a local resource here at HometownServicesUSA.com,  please let us know and we will be happy to add them to our directory for FREE. We are a small business servicing other small business resources to help North Dakota thrive.  Thank you for visiting HometownServicesUSA.com!


Many businesses are being forced to close their stores until officials say it is safe to reopen. Restaurants are forced to close their dining rooms which causes heavy burdens financially. But many local businesses have found ways to continue to service their customers in new ways. An example of this is restaurants may provide carry out , and other companies can provide out door services to meet the needs of their customers. Restaurants can use HometownServicesUSA.com to deliver or carry out so your favorite dishes are just one click away on HometownServicesUSA.com.

You may be stuck inside, but you aren’t stuck eating the same thing every day or finding services like household cleaning to stay safe. HometownServicesUSA.com is here for you through these difficult times, putting all the best local options in one place so you can eat the food you love without leaving your house.

At HometownServicesUSA.com, our top priority is serving local communities and helping our neighbors and businesses through these difficult times. As we continue to monitor the ongoing health crisis, you can trust that our local business partners will adhere to the restrictions put in place to protect our friends, families, and communities.

If you’re concerned about the safety of home food deliveries, please read this article from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Can I Get COVID-19 from a Food Worker Handling My Food.

Creating a better world takes commitment from all of us, and we hope to make your world just a little better by helping you get the products, services and food deliveries you love delivered to your door.

Meet Our Founder

Mark Graff lives in the heart of North Carolina. When Covid-19 hit he immediately put his digital marketing superpowers to work and created HometownServicesUSA.com, a free resource to help residents connect to support our local community.

Mark lives in Holly Springs with his wife of 37 years and their cat Sydney. Cycling is a great recreational activity for Mark and he appreciates the beautiful landscape of North Carolina and moderate climate almost all year. It is a great way to get to meet new people that enjoy the great outdoors.

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